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Paul Kish has twenty-eight (28) years of forensic consulting experience.  He has consulted on homicide cases in 47 states and 13 countries while presenting expert testimony in twenty-nine (29) states, the District of Columbia, and Canada.   In addition to homicide cases, he has consulted on death investigations, wrongful death cases, attempted murder cases, assault cases, and product liability cases where scene reconstruction may be beneficial.  He is routinely consulted by prosecutors, defense, and civil attorneys throughout the world. 

Initiating a Case Consultation:

All case consultations must go through a law enforcement agency and/or an attorney.  We DO NOT perform case consultations for private citizens.  An initial telephone consultation is necessary for us to ascertain whether the services we offer are applicable to your case.  There is no charge for the initial telephone consultation.

Fee Schedule:

A Fee Schedule will be provided upon request.  Typically, this is after we have had an initial telephone consultation to assess whether our services may be applicable to your case. We have and continue to work within a number of state funded indigent defense systems within the United States and Canada.

Case Consultations:

Case consultations vary depending upon what stage in the investigation we are consulted, typically the earlier the better. We routinely work cases from the active scene examinations through post-conviction proceedings. 

Active Scene Examinations: An active scene is a scene in which the custody of the scene has not been relinquished.  We will respond to active scenes and assist local law enforcement with the identification, evaluation, documentation, and collection of bloodstain pattern evidence as well as perform applicable scene reconstruction work.

Remote Examinations: Remote examinations are conducted in cases where the custody of the original scene has been relinquished and is no longer available.  In these cases, we would assess and reconstruct the case through the review of materials such as: scene photographs, videos, diagrams, police reports, and laboratory reports. Where necessary we will also examine or re-examine items of physical evidence. 

Evidence Examinations: We have on-site laboratory facilities designed for the purpose of examining bloodstain patterns on items of physical evidence which have been collected from bloodshedding scenes. Evidence is routinely shipped to our facility, examined, and then returned to the requesting agency and/or attorney. In situations where evidence cannot be shipped to our facility, we routinely travel to conduct on-site evidence examinations.

Post-Conviction Case Reviews: Post-conviction case reviews are conducted as remote examinations but in addition require a review of trial transcripts. On occasion a re-examination of items of physical evidence may be required.  We have conducted numerous post-conviction case reviews on capital cases throughout the United States.

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