Technical Case Review Services

Occasionally, agencies find themselves either in the early stages or rebuilding stages of their bloodstain pattern analysis programs.  This gap in knowledge often leaves agencies without any experienced analyst to mentor or perform technical reviews of casework.  Mr. Kish’s vast experience in the field of bloodstain pattern analysis allows him to offer technical case review services.  The extent of these services will be dependent upon the agency’s need and each program will be specifically designed to meet those needs.  

Arrangements for conducting technical case reviews need to be in place prior to your agency encountering new cases.  The cost of our technical case review services depends upon what is being requested and the expected duration of such services. Please contact us to discuss how we can customize a program for your agency.

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Paul Erwin Kish Forensic Consultant and Associates, is an independent forensic consulting business that provides consulting, technical review, and educational services to forensic science laboratories, law enforcement, and legal communities in crime scene reconstruction and bloodstain pattern analysis.
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